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This software called UltraSurf can not access all web sites that are not accessible, social networks, software or web pages prohibited by administrator. you will be able to reach all restricted sites. In addition, UltraSurf software provides you with the security and encryption of your IP address so you can make sure that you can delete cookies. UltraSurf, developed for the censorship applied in China, allows you to easily access all websites via IE or Firefox. If you want to use it with other browsers, you need to introduce the port and 9666 to Proxy / Proxy Servers.

UltraSurf is an online security program for disabled users who offer their users a free, secure, confidential and free environment on the web.

UltraSurf, the software developed by Ultrareach Internet Corporation, was the first reason to develop a free and secure online environment for internet users living in China. For this purpose, the program is currently being used by millions of people as an introduction to the most used disability sites in the world, anti-censorship and personal privacy protection programs.

UltraSurf is one of the most popular programs that offer users privacy, security and freedom together. .

So what does UltraSurf do?

  • Allows you to access websites that you cannot access in normal ways
  • Encrypts data exchange between UltraSurf’s proxy servers and your computer
  • The websites you visit hides your IP address and the websites can only see the IP addresses of UltraSurf’s proxy servers.

With the help of its proxy servers, UltraSurf offers users a completely confidential, secure and free internet and you can visit all the sites you want without any trace of peace.

You can start enjoying the free internet by downloading UltraSurf, which is used by millions of people every day on the world, by downloading itself among the most successful programs that can be preferred for access to the banned and blocked sites.

Note: Due to its structure, UltraSurf can be detected as a malware by some virus programs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about a warning. By disabling your antivirus software, you can use the program smoothly.