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TeamViewer is a program that helps you control remote computers

TeamViewer can be defined as a remote desktop program that offers users a very practical solution for remote computer control.

Completely free for personal and non-commercial use, TeamViewer helps you control your computer via mobile devices or other computers, basically when you’re not at your computer. The software runs over an Internet connection, bridging between two computers or a mobile device and a computer, making it possible to manage different computers as if you were controlling your own computer.

TeamViewer can be used in many different scenarios. You can terminate the file downloads you have left on your computer by following them from different devices via TeamViewer, or you can start new downloads. If a webcam is connected to your computer, you can monitor the image of this camera from other computers or mobile devices via TeamViewer, and turn your computer into a security camera. You can use TeamViewer to help users who have problems with their computers, correct their errors by accessing their computers, and provide software support.

TeamViewer allows file transfer. This allows you to exchange files between 2 computers or between mobile devices and computers. In addition, the program also allows voice and video chat between devices.

General Features of Teamviewer:

– A single solution for all different scenarios such as remote maintenance, meetings, presentations, real time reception of support, management, sales, teamwork, home office and training needs of remote computers and servers.

– Support for cross-platform connections for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone / iPad and Android operating systems can be used in all.

– Works with firewalls and proxy settings, even without insertion and no additional configuration.

– Allows you to instantly see and hear music, videos and system sounds played on the remote computer.

– To make audio and video recordings of meetings held via remote desktop. At the same time, convert to AVI format with integrated converter.

– Ability to connect with computers and any other person in your contact list in one click, in other words, quick management of your contact contacts.

– Chances to control who is online from users or contacts on your list.

– Group chat and offline messaging thanks to the instant messaging function in your list.

If you want to keep your computer under control at all times TeamViewer is definitely a program that should be at hand. The program is both free and Turkish is a big plus

With TeamViewer, you can create a connection between any two computers on the Internet and manage them. To be able to use TeamViewer, it is enough for both sides to install the software. Then easily and without any firewall and so on. You can easily connect to the computer and desktop against setting.