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Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) is turned off, all users need to continue with Skype.

Make Free Voice and Video Call to the World

Skype is a program that lets you make free voice and video calls or instant messaging with Skype users all over the world. Skype also allows you to make calls to mobile and mobile phones at the same time with an affordable price list and people with no internet connection and no Skype account. Supporting many platforms from tablet computers to smart TVs, the Skype program is increasing the number of active users every day.

Skype to Skype

No matter where you are in the world, talk to everyone on Skype for free!

Phones and mobile phones

Call mobile phones and landlines around the world at cheaper rates with Skype Credit, or even cheaper with a subscription.

Conference call

Bring your business contacts and colleagues together in a single call, either from their office or from their mobile phone.

Skype To Go number

Make low-cost international calls from your mobile phone or landline without having to sign in to Skype.

Online number (Paid in some Countries)

An Online Number is a number where you can make calls from anyone’s mobile phones or landlines, and you can answer via Skype wherever you are.


When you cannot answer a Skype call, leave a voice message.

Call forwarding (Paid and Applicable in Some Countries)

Not online on Skype? Answer incoming Skype calls by directing them to the mobile phone or fixed line.

Caller ID (Available in Some Countries)

When you make a call, view your mobile phone or Skype number (also known as the Online Number) so people know you’re the one who called.

Call transfer

Transfer a Skype call to any other person on Skype or for free to any phone anywhere, with great rates.

Video call

The latest version of Skype offers the clearest, brightest and most vibrant quality and High Definition for video calls.

Group video calls

Share, celebrate and collaborate from all over the world. There are many things you can do through group video calls. (At least one person in the call must have a Skype Premium subscription or a group of video calls from Skype Manager.)

Screen sharing

Show people what you mean exactly Show your presentations on screen sharing while you’re on call and take control, show them to friends and family without having to post photos.

Instant messaging

Make plans with your friends on Saturday night, be aware of your family, or collaborate with a colleague. All are free with instant messaging.

Sending files

Send documents, photos or presentations of any size for free.


Use Skype to send SMS to mobile phones. When you send SMS abroad, it is fast, simple and especially affordable.


Skype and Facebook have come together to make communication easier than ever. Directly to all your Facebook friends from Skype

Make a call.

See your Facebook wall directly from Skype
Update your status on Facebook
Click the ‘Like’ button or enter a comment to your friend’s status
Call your Facebook friends directly from your mobile phone or landline
See your Facebook friends in the Skype contact list
See when your Facebook friends are online
Send instant messages from Skype directly to your Facebook friends

Skype WiFi

Stay online from more than 1 million WiFi hotspots and pay only with Skype Credit for the time you spend online.