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Office 365

The Office 365 Home Extra subscription allows you to install Office on five computers or Macs. This way, anyone in the house can have their own copy of Office and their own settings.

Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest version. You get an extra 1TB of OneDrive storage so you can take all your files with you wherever you go, from to-do lists to presentations. And with a free 60-minute Skype call time you receive each month, you can call friends or family in over 40 countries, even if they don’t have a Skype account.

You do not even have to be at your computer to use Office. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can use Optional Office to temporarily stream full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher to computers running Win 7 (or later). This allows you to create new documents or continue working on documents that you have saved to your SkyDrive domain.

Save and share files in the cloud

The cloud is like a file repository in the sky. You can reach it any time you are online. Now it’s easy to save your Officed files to your SkyDrive or your organization’s site. From there you can access and share your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other Office files. You can even work with your colleagues on the same file at the same time.

Shared meetings

Attend online meetings and share PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and OneNote notes. Meeting participants can view files even if they do not have Office programs installed.

More options to get started

Instead of looking at the empty file, you can now choose between the last used file or the favorite template. Sign in to OneNote, from the web, or from your computer, and open your notebooks.

Advanced Save and Open As

No more browsing and scrolling in the dialog. The most frequently used folders are here right away. You can pin a location so that it is always accessible.

Easy file sharing

Now there’s a place in your Office programs that brings together all your options to share your files with others, File and Share.
Important Notes: This product is a Microsoft Office 2016 Preview version and is available for free for 180 days. You will need to purchase a license for later.

Registration key for preview version: NKGG6-WBPCC-HXWMY-6DQGJ-CPQVG

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