Google Earth Pro

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You can use Google Earth Pro free of charge using any e-mail address as your username and GEPFREE as your license code.

With Google Earth, you can explore the world via satellite, see homes and buildings in big cities, and even walk around three-dimensional buildings in the most famous world cities. Google Earth also provides you with bank, school, hospital, etc. it can also show the locations of all the important places you may need, but can also calculate distances.

With the new version, historical images from all over the world, ocean floor and surface data from maritime experts, Sound recorded simple tour offers. See global changes with decades of historical imagery and dive deep into the ocean. The world will shrink with Google Earth, which is far beyond the world map …

Google Earth is a three-dimensional world map program that you can search, explore and discover anywhere in the world on computer.

Google Earth is a three-dimensional world map software developed by Google that allows computer users to search, explore and explore places around the world. With the help of a free map program you can see satellite images of the world map and get closer to the continents, countries or cities you want.

It offers users a simple and clean user interface, allowing users to navigate the world map with just a few mouse clicks. You can also use Google Earth, where you can use the search bar for a specific address you’re looking for, and get directions by identifying your current location and where you want to go.

Thanks to the “Tour Guide” feature included in the program, you can easily discover the most beautiful corners and the most beautiful places of the world with the help of the map program where you can get the chance to discover the special places belonging to the continents, countries and cities.

Getting used to Google Earth, which is easy to use, is just a matter of time, and with the new features you’ll discover as you use the program, the pleasure of seeing all the places you want to see around the world is priceless.

With the Street View feature, you can stroll through the streets and streets, discover what’s happening around you, and see the places you’ve never seen before, but the places you’ve been dying to see.

In addition, you can view bus stops, restaurants, parks, hospitals and many other government and public places on the Google Earth map. With Google Earth you can easily find the nearest hospitals, restaurants, bus stops, or parks to your location at that moment.

You can also save and share your favorite places with your loved ones with a single click on Google Earth, or you can get large 3D previews of some buildings located on the most popular cities in the world.

If you want to rediscover the world and reach places where no one has gone before, I recommend you to try Google Earth.

Google Earth Features:

Navigation controls
Sun and shadows
3-dimensional buildings
Date information of images
Support for new languages
Flash video preview option on bookmarks
Easily find the addresses you want
Easy search for schools, parks, restaurants and hotels
Ability to see 3D maps and buildings from every angle
Saving and sharing your favorite places

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