Fotosizer – Photograph Resizer

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You can resize all of the images in the folder by using one of them.

If you have a large number of pictures waiting to be resized and you have a limited time to do this or do not want to waste unnecessary time for this process, the Fotosizer may be the program you are looking for.

You can finish a large number of photos in a very short time by the features you specify. All you have to do is just select the folder where your images are located, select the desired sizing dimensions and hit the “Start” button at the bottom right.

Supported formats:

JPEG (* .jpg, * .jpeg)
Portable Network Graphics (* .png)
Windows Bitmap (* .bmp)
True Vision Targa (* .tga)
8-bit Compuserve GIF (* .gif)

Designed for you

Fotosizer has been designed to be easy and straightforward for you to resize your photos in one go. We listen to your feedback and use it to make Fotosizer even better.

Clean & elegant design

Fotosizer is clean in design, no menus to navigate, everything you need in one place.

Free to use, more with Pro

You can use Fotosizer both for personal and Commercial use. If you want even more, you can buy the Professional edition to get features such as watermarks, color adjustment, rounded corners.

Great support

Have a question or missing a feature? Just tell us, we will answer any request! Contact us here.

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