Betternet VPN

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Free Windows VPN Software

Betternet VPN is a free Windows VPN program that is distributed by Betternet LLC.Inc free of charge to the user and allows it to be used without restrictions. With this program, you can enter banned sites and you can prevent anonymous (malicious) people from being tracked on the internet.

You can access an unlimited and free VPN service from your computer using Betternet program.

The Betternet program is one of the tools that allows PC users with Windows operating systems to access the free and unlimited VPN experience in the easiest way. Thanks to the VPN service offered by the application, it is possible to access disabled web sites and disabled web services, as well as to protect user privacy and data in places where common internet usage is performed. In particular, I often think that those who use the internet connections that are outdoors should not pass through.

The interface of the program is very simple and does not contain any details. Those who find similar proxy programs complicated will enjoy this aspect. Because to switch to the VPN connection, all you need to do is press the connect button from the interface of the program. To disconnect, you can easily complete all operations by pressing the disconnect button.

The most striking part of Betternet is that it does not offer any ads while it is offered free of charge. In this way, it is not possible to encounter ads that you are not interested in surfing your internet trips and unlimited web sites. In any way the user does not request payment information, the application does not want to register and input, unlimited use of the opportunity to provide users will be satisfied.

Users who are looking for a totally free, unlimited and ad-free VPN tool can have some slowness from time to time in the application. But I don’t think you’ll notice too much because these slownesses are quite short and not disturbing your trip.