Apache OpenOffice

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OpenOffice.org is an open source, advanced, office software used by hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of people worldwide. The user interface is very similar to other office software. Especially Microsoft Office users can start using OpenOffice.org in a few minutes and get used to the interface in a very short time. However, OpenOffice.org is completely free and can be freely distributed. This software includes the following modules:

Writer (Text and HTML editor)
Calc (Excel style application)
Draw (Vector module)
Base (Database prompt
Impress (Presentation program)

Math (Formula editor) Functionality and features are compatible with well-known paid office packages such as OpenOffice.org, MS-Office. With the help of Apache OpenOffice.org you can open, modify and save many MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in MS Office or OpenOffice.org format. The main difference is that OpenOffice.org does not run macros in these documents. However, it stores macros, considering that you might want to open these documents again under Ms Office.

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