Advanced SystemCare

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Advanced SystemCare (WindowsCare) Free is a very powerful free maintenance tool for repairing and optimizing your operating system. Includes One-Click and All-in-One solution and protection tools. System Mechanic also reminds us that this application is free according to its competitor.

Every Day With One-Click!

  • Remove Spyware and Adware Pests
  • Take action on security vulnerabilities
  • Provide privacy protection
  • Fix registry errors
  • Clear temporary files
  • Clear start
  • Repair Windows
  • Accelerate your system
  • Assemble your hard disk
  • Optimize your system to optimize

With Advanced SystemCare, you can keep the performance of your computer at the highest level and prevent your browsers from changing their homepage

Advanced SystemCare is a system optimization program that is among the most successful in the field of computer maintenance and computer acceleration.

Advanced SystemCare, a software that you can download and use for free on your computers, is a system optimization tool that contains many different useful tools that you can use to revive and restore your computer, which has started to work slowly over time, after a period of use. Advanced SystemCare enables you to perform complex maintenance and optimization operations in just a few clicks.

Maintenance and optimization tools within Advanced SystemCare include tools to help you fix registry errors and clean up unnecessary files. Such errors and unnecessary files cause your computer to turn on and off late, and your computer will react late to commands. With Advanced SystemCare, you can also perform defragmentation and registry defragmentation. This increases your disk performance.

Advanced SystemCare allows users to take security measures to speed up Windows boot up and speed up Windows operation. The browser protection tools included in Advanced SystemCare offer solutions for removing browser extensions and removing homepage. If your internet browser has been compromised by undesirable 3rd party software and add-ons, you can take advantage of these tools, change the homepage. Advanced SystemCare continuously monitors your browsers and prevents unauthorized modification of your homepage and default search engine.

With Advanced SystemCare, you can automatically remove traces of your journeys on the Internet. You can configure the program to automatically delete privacy traces when your browser closes.

The Advanced SystemCare also includes the Toolbox section, which makes it easy to access other useful tools developed by IObit. The Turbo Power section in Advanced SystemCare allows you to upgrade your computer’s performance to your needs in games or applications. This tool controls the system services and 3rd party services included in Windows, terminating the trivial ones and providing more resources to the applications or games you are working on. Thus, these games and applications are working more comfortably and performance decreases are avoided.

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